Seeking creative spirit

            As we have emphasized several times over the course of this blog, there is a significant need to utilize creativity when exercising community leadership. What does creativity mean in a community situation? It means utilizing principles to build up the institution and/or the people within that institution. It exists to continually renew and refresh the institution and those who participate within it.

            For successful implementation of a creative idea we don’t just seek out something new simply because it is not old. Nor is it entirely about making the thing, having what we seek to create devoid of humanity or of spirit. We seek, therefore, in our creative collaborative work a fusion of energy, of value, of spirit, to seek out life. What does our creation add to life?

            Our collaborative, creative journeys allow us to build up our common humanity. Sometimes, our institutions try to block that out, seeking to put the institution first. If we are to pursue those goals from an earthly perspective, though, we need to insist on utilizing the human aspect. This will give us better work and a better institution.

            How do you seek out creative spirit in your life?

            Here’s a poem I wrote to illustrate my points in this post.

Seeking creative spirit

When we seek out our creative spirit

and find humanity which goes with it

and seek out the dark places as we go

a process that withers its time on slow

speed, getting us to see what we might be

if we listen carefully and let spirit be free

than might we find under that heated brow

the good sense given to in our health to grow

and seek those moments to which we inspire

a coming together of means and our desire

and seek to find that which we find inside

and plant our creative minds to our very side.


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