How harvests apply to our institutions and our lives

                The combines are rolling over the farm fields in this time of harvest in the U.S. Midwest region. Their mechanical parts till over dusty, but fertile fields yielding, in many cases, fairly good yields thanks to some good growing conditions.

            Yet sometimes, and for some even this year, their crop may not yield the expected results. In the springtime, farmers gather the seed over fields hoping to have a plentiful and profitable crop yield. It is their expected hope that causes them to take this chance on something as small as a seed so that it might grow into a plentiful harvest from the mature crop. Of course, there are plenty of reasons to think that the plant won’t make it to the plentiful maturation of which they seek. Perhaps there will not be enough moisture in the soil for the plant to grow. If the plant is near a body of water, especially, too much moisture (e.g. through flooding) can be an issue. Hail and high winds can damage a plant. Plant disease, toxic weeds, or insects can cause issues for the plant even to the point where the plant dies. Perhaps temperatures are too warm or too cold in order for the plant to thrive. There are a myriad of issues why a plant may not survive, but every spring these farmers sow out their fields in expectation that these plants may mature and bring forth a profitable yield.

            So it is with us and our cultural institutions. There are many things which might go wrong. Conditions may not always be optimal for growth. If we refuse to put out the seed, however, to make the investment and effort of our lives and institutions, we cannot expect to have any gains. Sometimes, we may suffer losses either personally or within our institutions. This, however, cannot stop us from making the effort in order to put the effort into our institutions and our own lives so that we may reap the harvest which is to come. Even when times get tough, even when we suffer losses, if we want to succeed or learn to live good lives, we must learn to adapt, adjust, or accept realities and keep moving forward.Image


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