Three times to check in with your inner warrior

 Greetings, Sustainable Institution Readers    
  Sometimes during the course of the day, we have opportunities to reflect upon how the day is going.  In my own experience, I do try to check in mentally and spiritually at least twice a day. I would freely admit that midday is a bit more challenging. Even a few minutes, though, can make a difference.

      In my last post, I wrote about living with intention. In living with intention, we engage in a type of mission setting. When we make frequent check-ins we are acknowledging our own spiritual and mental goals, making ourselves accountable for our actions. In the practice of yoga, the warrior poses are primarily used today in a more spiritual sense to allow the yogi to reflect (Kaivalya,  2012, Feb. 20, downloaded from  Religions also utilize prayers around the clock. The image of the warrior, however, may be helpful in thinking about one’s life mission. In order to accomplish one’s goals in life, one needs to have a certain amount of “warrior” attitude, that is to be able to unleash inner strength, whatever that means to you, to be able to accomplish one’s calling.

      In our daily life, there are three points of the day that may make sense for such reflection. Individuals that adhere to certain forms of Christianity, for instance,  may recognize these moments as times for reflection because that is when the Liturgy of the Hours/Daily Office/Divine Services take place. Taking stock of oneself and how one relates to the community can be quite useful throughout the day however one chooses to express oneself whether spiritually or on a more secular level.

      I would suggest reflecting at three points of the day. I will note that I am assuming a traditional schedule here. Individuals who work in the evenings, for example, may want to make modifications. In the morning, one can take stock of one’s day and think about concerns. You might want to complete this task before the day’s business (and busyness) start or corporately very early during business hours if your organization reflects and/or plans on a daily basis.

     At the noon hour, if one has time, it need not be any more than a few minutes, one can reflect about how the morning went. What kinds of things could be going better? Are there concerns? What empowered you this morning? Is there a way to make the rest of the day better or even better?

     In the evening, you might reflect on the day. If you are a spiritual person, this is a chance, perhaps to commune with the divine. If not, you can still benefit from thinking about the day and your interactions with other people. If you are spiritual, you might ask how the divine was present during your day. This includes our relationships with other people throughout the day. Thinking about interactions and reflecting on one’s response can be thought provoking.

     In regards to being a warrior, effectively leading out one’s mission and goals, it is important to be constantly reflecting on one’s progress and to make adjustments when needed. Reflecting at regular intervals can be a helpful step in the process.

Be at your best,
Andrew Bennett


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