In my yoga home practice, I have been working on forward bends. This is critical to many yoga asanas, especially in the hip and thigh openers, so in order to access these areas, so as to open these areas, I need to be able to bend forward. This is probably one of the harder physical components of my practice thus far.

            Searching for answers, I found this YouTube video online that helped (, MacGregor, 2011, produced by iHanuman media, downloaded June 8, 2014 [please note I share this link as a citation and no copyright infringement or intention of utilizing this video in my blog other than through fair attribution is intended). MacGregor gives some really helpful advice, which is to move the gut out of the way. When the gut becomes less of a blocker, it is easier to access the forward bends.

            Moving the gut out of the way can be metaphorical to other things in our life. Andrea Leber, a yoga blogger based in Australia, links fear to anxiety (Leber, 2014, Feb. 6, downloaded from on June 8, 2014). This linkage of anxiety / fear can become important in access issues whether it involves doing something like forward bends or doing something unconventional or taking a risk in our own lives. Some psychologists tell us that anxiety can be “held” in the gut at least in regards to physical sensations. It becomes important, in that case, to utilize the idea of moving the gut to be able to achieve what we want to achieve or what we ought to achieve.

            The key to any positive process of change, whether it is a personal goal, something in various forms of relationships, or changing something in society is to move past the initial stages. It may very well involve some sort of physical movement (or changing something physical in nature). It may very well require engaging the body and spirit as well. Essentially, the whole being can be put into practice to get results.


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